Reviewed by: Estefani B.

The Promised Neverland is a book about three kids Emma, Norman, and Ray. They all live at the Grace Field House Orphanage. At the orphanage there is a woman they refer to as Mom that takes care of them. They all live a happy perfect life, they have good clean clothes and are treated with love. But one day, Norman and Emma discover the dark horrifying truth about the outside world that they were forbidden to see.


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Reviewed by: Christian S.


The Alchemist follows a shepherd named Santiago as he searches for his worldly treasure. His travels take him all the way from the Andalusian fields of Spain to pyramids of Egypt. Faced with obstacles that would demoralize most people, Santiago pushes on despite the hardships. Coelho's superb story telling and command of imagery, paints the scenery and journey of the book.

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Reviewed by: Kevin L.

A 1986 horror novel based on a clown killing and terrorizing kids. The clown's name is Pennywise. In the summer of 1989, a group of bullied kids came together to take Pennywise out. However, Pennywise has the ability to turn into your worst fears. The kids are known as the losers club and do everything they can to get rid of IT, but how can you get rid of something that knows your deepest fears.

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Reviewed by: Taylor K.

It's Kind of a Funny Story is a novel about a stressed teenager named Craig Gilner who begins to feel the effects of his mental health issues. He finds that the hobbies he used to enjoy are no longer entertaining, and he quickly starts to turn to suicidal thoughts. Although his friends and family attempt to help him, they do not understand the magnitude of the situation. One night, he attempts suicide and fails. When he checks himself into a mental hospital, his life begins to change greatly.

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Reviewed by: Carmen A.

This manga is about a boy named Hinata who has a small stature and admires a Karasuno player called the little giant. At Hinatas school volleyball was not played, but Hinata convinces his friends to make a team and start playing with him. One day, they compete and loose against Kageyama, a player known as 'the king". These two at first get along very badly but eventually learn to respect each other.

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Reviewed by: Joshua

Continuing the journey, Jotaro and his companions are now on their way to Hong Kong and continue their journey to Egypt. While in Hong Kong they gain a new recruit and fight new enemies. The diabolical Lord DIO finds out their position although he is still getting used to his new body. In this volume we’ll see Jotaro and the team head to Ho Chi Min, and Singapore. We are also introduced to new stands such as strength, devil, and dark blue moon. The volume ends with a hotel meeting with the quirky Jean Pierre Polnareff.

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