Fast Food Battle Royal

Lettuce commence the debate between our teens as they taco'bout Fast Food restaurants and rank them from the best to the wurst.

Which restaurants will fries to the top? Which ones were a big mis-steak? 🍔🍟🌮🍕

ABT 26

KPOP Edition

Enjoy this special edition of the ABT podcast brought to you by our very own KPOP club!

They discuss what KPOP means to them, and critique the recently released music videos for How You Like That by Blackpink and Stay Gold by…

ABT 25

Animal Crossing Fashion Show
Check out our Animal Crossing fashion show thrown by our Average Brentwood Teens!
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Quaranteens Vol. 2

The ABT crew is still in quarantine! 😩 Find out what they have been up to and how they keep themselves busy…can you guess which teen created their own language?

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ABT 24

Recycled Manga Bookmark

Teen Librarian Michele shows you how you can recycle your old manga into personalized bookmarks with this video tutorial!

You only need:


Quaranteens Vol.1

Our first quarantine episode! Our teens discuss life during quarantine, what they do for fun, and if the plants are going to take over. 🌱🌿🌿🌿🌱

ABT 23

Average Brentwood Teens Podcast Clip: Ep. 23
Check out this funny clip from out latest Average Brentwood Teens episode. Episode 23 Quaranteens Vol.1

Why does water taste better at night?
Check out this funny clip from a past Twitch stream with Mr. Po!
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Remnant Chronicles - Librarian Recommendation

Are you looking for the next fantasy romance to read? The Remnant Chronicles are for you. Princess Lia leaves Morrighan country on her wedding day with a secret ancient document. She arrives in a small village on the border of her country where she…

Kiss of Deception

Video Game and Movie Debate

Get ready for some heated (but funny) debates between our teens as they discuss their favorite and not so favorite video games and movies! 🎥 ⚔️ 🎮


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