Dungeons & Dragons Session

Enjoy this special edition episode of the ABT podcast! Listen in on one of our online Dungeons & Dragons sessions and follow our teens as they traverse through challenges and make tough decisions, like who should kiss the high-elf’s hand. 💋✋🧝‍♀️…

ABT 34

Long Island Fun Facts

The ABT crew bring you a light hearted and fun episode about our very own Long Island.

Also, meet our new teen Josh 2.0! 🙋‍♂️


Viewer Mailbag Part 2

Part two of reactions and answers to questions from our viewers! You will also be in for a special treat…Mr.Po’s rant about aliens. 👽👽👽

abt 32

Viewer Mailbag

This week we answer questions and react to comments from our viewers and past guests! Is it surprising that the most controversial question was food related? no…not at all. 😐

abt 31

Villain Ranking Part 3

Enjoy the final episode of the Villain Ranking Trilogy brought to you by the best teens in Brentwood! You may be surprised by the results.

ABT 30

Villain Ranking Part 2

Join our guest MC Edgar as we continue our venture of ranking infamous villains. Check out our YouTube channel to see the ranking system in action!

abt 29

Villain Ranking Part 1

The Brentwood Teens rank your favorite super villains! From classic villains like Joker to the bizarre villains like Plankton!

Enjoy the first part of the Villain Ranking Trilogy.

abt 28

What Grinds our Gears.

What grinds your gears? Forgetting your drink after sitting down for dinner? People who forget to bring pencils to the regents exams? Find out what really irks our crew.

abt 27

Fast Food Battle Royal

Lettuce commence the debate between our teens as they taco'bout Fast Food restaurants and rank them from the best to the wurst.

Which restaurants will fries to the top? Which ones were a big mis-steak? 🍔🍟🌮🍕

ABT 26