Citizen Science

Citizen science pairs scientists and researchers with the public to solve local and global issues and advance our greater scientific knowledge.  Citizen science projects have focused on a range of issues, from tracking butterflies and birds, to Alzheimer's research, to light pollution and weather and climate change.  As citizen scientists, people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities can contribute to real scientific research.

To celebrate Citizen Science Month, the Brentwood Library is offering Citizen Science programming for all ages. Register on our Events Calendar for take and make activities for children, teens, or adults. Stop in the library to explore our book displays and, while supplies last, pick up a complimentary seed packet when you checkout library materials. Join us to learn, have fun, and make a difference! 

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Children's Kits

Birdfeeders - Create your own birdfeeders to hang up in your garden! Observe your feeder and use the iNaturalist app to share your findings. Ages 3-12

Citizen Science Experiments - Included in this kit is everything you need to conduct the Ant Picnic and Pollen Nation experiments, along with swag for young citizen scientists. Ages 6-12

Teen Kits

Teen Citizen Science - Included in this kit is everything you need to conduct the Ant Picnic and Pollen Nation experiments.  Receive 3 hours of community service credit upon proof of completion.

Adult Kits

Bat Box

The materials needed for building your own Bat Box!

Monarchs & Milk Weeds

Native Bee Environment

The Great Backyard Bug Hunt 

Get a kit to take part in the Great Backyard Bughunt project! Not only will you have fun identifying the creatures in your yard, but also help save your plants and vegetables.  


Upcoming Programs

Seed Saturdays - Every Saturday at 2:30 PM, we invite experts to share information about how we can use our personal garden space to have a positive impact on the environment and ourselves. 

The Seed Library - Sign up to receive free Seeds!

Why Raise Quail? with Ranger Eric  

Saturday, April 17, 4:00 pm  

Join Ranger Eric to learn about why its so important – and interesting – to raise these beautiful birds, and why the Brentwood Library is joining the effort to reintroduce them to the wild.  

Batty about Bats

Wednesday, April 28, 6:00 pm  

Learn how to make your own bat box, as well as all about our native bats and other ways you can help these interesting nocturnal beasts.  

Recorded Programs

A Native Plant Lawn with Anthony Marinello - Everything you need to know to start a native lawn. 

A Talk with Tallamy - An interview with Doug Tallamy, author of Nature's Best Hope and Bringing Nature Home

Five Best Ways to Slash Your Footprint

Citizen Science Projects for All Ages

Staff Recommended Projects 

Cicada Safari - One of the largest groups of 17-year cicadas, Brood X, has been underground since 2004. The next generation will begin arriving in April 2021. Scientists need detailed high-quality information to track the cicadas' behaviors and movements. 

Clicking for a Cure - Help scientists cure diseases through the crowdsourced projects

Global BioBlitz - Take photographs of a living organism in your home, local park, favorite place to hike, or anywhere you go. These observations can lead to new discoveries around the world.

Night Sky Light Pollution - Help NASA measure light pollution in our area. All you need is a smartphone! You will choose a constellation, and then take photos of it. Then, upload it to their project with the proper information. This can be done on any clear night, especially when the moon is not up.

Observing Pollinators - Observe and record information about pollinators. Pollinators are animals that assist plants in their reproductive cycles, and they are critical to the world’s agricultural food supply.

Science, Art and 3D Printing - Use a 3D printer to create models, tools and even prosthetics.

WildCam Gorongosa -  Explore photos from camera traps in a national park in Mozambique. By identifying the animals that you see in the photos, you’ll help track their continued recovery.

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