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About Meeting Rooms

Meeting room use is limited to non-profit groups who are either majority library district residents or will have majority resident attendees. In either case, soliciting any person for the purchase of goods/services, or engaging in an activity involving payment for goods/services, including paid tutors, is strictly prohibited.

Applications for the use of a room must be submitted a minimum of 45 days prior to the date requested in the application. Any arrangements regarding the set-up of the requested room, including the use of any equipment the library may provide, must be included in writing on the original room use application. Verbal arrangements subsequent to the approval of the request may not be honored. No changes may be made within 10 days prior to the meeting.

Approval to use a room is not final until the Library Director, or designee, reviews the application and signs it. The use of any room can be denied, revoked, or rescheduled if any conflict exists with the library schedule, activities, or policy. If the library closes for any reason, all meetings scheduled during that time are canceled.

You cannot use any room past 9:00 pm, including your guests or attendees, for whom you are responsible. Any time past 9:00 pm will be charged to the applicant/group using the room at $125 per one-half hour starting with the first minute past 9:00 pm We suggest you make the effort to vacate by 8:45 pm.

All meeting rooms used by any applicant, regardless of anything, are open to the public, with no exceptions.

All publicity and/or media coverage of a scheduled meeting or event must be approved in advance by the Library Director, or designee.

Refreshments, if provided by the applicant, are limited to coffee/tea and cookies, and only with prior approval. Hot food, alcoholic beverages, and smoking are strictly prohibited.

Under no circumstances will politicking of any kind be permitted within the Library or upon Library premises, at any time. This includes, but is not limited to, the prohibition of literature, posters, signs, and personal effects such as clothing or pins/badges, that endorse or denounces any political person or policy being voted on in a government election.


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