Reviewed by: Jessica M.

This book is about a girl named Esperanza who has everything she could ever want. She lives on a ranch with her family and has a happy life. One day her father goes on a business trip and doesn't return. Her mother finds herself in a conflict with Esperanza's uncles. They threaten them so much that they have to leave. They leave all their belongings and go to California. There they go to a camp were her life changes forever. My favorite part of the book was when she moved to California and learned many more life lessons. I want kids to know that this book relates to a lot of people around them. Esperanza learned a lot about herself and mostly about her own abilities.

Esperanza Rising

Reviewed by: Jessica

Devon Delany goes and spends the summer with her grandma. She meets a girl named Lexi. She tells Lexi lies like she is dating the most popular guy in school and that she is really popular. In reality she isn't popular and she isn't dating the most popular guy in school. When Lexi comes to her school without telling her she totally freaks out and starts to lie even more. At the end she ends up with something unexpected. My favorite part of this book is the lesson that it tells as the story goes on. The book shows that karma goes around and comes around. It also shows that you should always tell the truth and that lying will always come out with an unexpected result.

Devon Delaney

Reviewed by: Ariel

The book is a awesome book. The character is facing challenges after moving to a new school. She is worried about trying to fit in. She does make friends and get along with them too.

dork diaries

Reviewed by: Arnez

The book is crazy that three forces of evil try to defeat Dog Man. He has to stop all of them! He gets help from Chief, Zuzu,and Sarah. Do they win or lose?

Dog Man 2

Reviewed by: ME?

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