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The library is now offering 12 American Girl dolls for checkout!

Which dolls does the library currently lend?

Addy, 1860s
Josefina, 1820s
Julie, 1970s
Kaya, 1760s
Kirsten, 1850s
Maryellen, 1950s
Melody, 1960s
Molly, 1940s
Nellie, 1900s
Samantha, 1900s
Logan, 2010s
Nanea, 1940s

How can I borrow a doll?

Visit the children’s reference desk to pick up a doll. The dolls can also be placed on hold through the library catalog, or by clicking on the pictures of the dolls below. Search by keyword American Girl or by call number J Toy American. Be sure to limit the search to material type “other.”

How long is the borrowing period?

Two weeks (14 days)

What is included with the American Girl?

Carrying case

One set of period clothing

Folding doll bed with pillow and blanket

Book about the character

Journal to record the doll’s ongoing adventures


Can I check out more than one doll at a time?

No. The collection is not large enough for more than one doll to go home per child.

What can I do with the American Girl when she/he visits?

Please do:

Have fun playing with the doll and making her a part of your family for 2 weeks!

Gently brush and style your doll’s hair with the provided doll’s brush.

Write in the provided journal about the doll’s stay with you, how much you liked playing with her/him, your thoughts about her book, or draw a picture of you and doll together.

Please do not:

Cut, shampoo, or color the doll’s hair.

Wash the doll or her clothes.

Paint the doll’s nails.

Where do I return my doll?

Dolls must be returned to the Circulation Desk. Please do not return the dolls in the Book Return.

We want our dolls to be loved and taken on adventures. However, there is a replacement fee if the doll and/or her/his accessories are lost or damaged.

Contact the Children’s department for more information!