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"Reacher" is a TV series now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. It is based on Lee Child's best-selling book series about Jack Reacher, a decorated ex-Major U. S. Army policeman who travels all over the country. Reacher inevitably finds trouble wherever he goes and delivers brutal justice to criminals. The eight-episode frst season is based on "Killing Floor", the series' 1997 debut novel. 

Jack Reacher arrives in Margrave, Georgia, on his way out West. He quickly becomes involved in a violent battle with a brutal criminal conspiracy. The bad guys find out that you don't mess with a 6'5"", 250-pound ex-military cop.

this is one of television's best new shows of the year. The producers, directors, and writers get Jack Reacher so right here. The series looks good, with Ontario, Canada beautifully standing in for a fictional Southern town. The show is swiftly paced and well-written, with crisp dialogue and some nice humor. It has a good cast, with Malcolm Goodwin (Chief Detective Oscar Finlay) and Willa Fitzgerald (MPD Officer Roscoe Conklin) especially outstanding as Reacher's initially reluctant colleagues.

Which brings us to the show's star, and this is where they get Reacher spectacularly right. Alan Ritchson is perfect as the hulking hero. Everything abut his performance fits the role, from his imposing physique and intelligence to his attitude and confidence. Alan Rtchson IS Jack Reacher- and he puts that shrimp Tom Cruise to shame!

If you're a Reacher fan or you like good thrillers, sit back and enjoy! "Reacher" is off to a flying start!

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