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Genealogy Books

The Brentwood Genealogy Group was founded in 2006 by librarian Mary Koferl and a group of avid amateur genealogists. The first year two workshops were held. The number grew until in 2012 monthly workshops were being held.

Today, our group meets on the fourth Saturday of every month as well as hosting programs and speakers at other times throughout the year. Our meetings and other programs can be found in the library newsletter and on the event calendar. Our group also has a Facebook page that you are welcome to join!

The Brentwood Genealogy Group is a member of the Long Island Genealogy Federation. You can see the Federation’s website and discover genealogy programs throughout Long Island on Meetup.

Our collection of genealogy reference books is located in our local history room (with other historical and archival materials to aid your investigation). We also subscribe to a number of databases and magazines.


  • Your Genealogy Today
  • Internet genealogy
  • Family Tree Magazine


  • Ancestry Library
  • Fold3
  • Heritage Quest
  • World Vital Records

If you have a question about genealogy, get started with a 1-on-1 session with a librarian, attend one of our group meetings where you can talk to fellow researchers, or join us to listen to a speaker or webinar....and make sure to let us know what topics you would like to explore!